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Samuel Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row

     New York City



Lighting Designer: Mike T Morin

Scenic Designer: Mike T Morin

Director: Seth Panitch

Photos: Mike T Morin

UA Theatre and Dance

Allen Bales Theatre

     Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Here I Sit Broken Hearted:

A Bathroom Odyssey



"The only good thing worth seeing in the show was the set: four toilets with wooden walls upon which profane verses, philosophical statements, drawings, political messages and other random observations were written."

—Dr. Tom Stevens, Rising Action

Published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016


"With a public bathroom-looking set, there is graffiti all over the tiled walls and four stalls. From limericks to drawings of tits the audience is taken on a journey through an array of vulgar humor. The set is quite funny with drawings like “Shit Pickle,” thoughtful statements such as “Anniversaries are like toilets, men usually manage to miss them,” and poems like 'Roses are tits / Violets are tits / I love tits / Tits, tits, tits'"

—Shoshona Roberts, Theatre is Easy

Published: Sunday, July 3, 2016